Welcome to the Mimika Cooney Community

Join our community of Ambitious Christians impacting the Marketplace for God.

Welcome to the Mimika Cooney Community hosted by Christian Mindset Mentor and Author, Mimika Cooney. 🔥

This is a community for ambitious Christians with seemingly impossible goals, who need help moving past obstacles holding them back from their true success, by aligning with their God-given purpose.

We are defying expectations, pushing our limits, and creating an extraordinary life beyond what seems possible. There is no goal that is too big, and no idea is too crazy with God! 

This is a supportive space for your wildest dreams to flourish. We discuss topics such as mindset, business, faith, goals, habits, purpose, motivation, accountability and making an impact in the marketplace for God.

This group is for you if:
- You are seeking Christian encouragement to pursue your God given purpose in life, business and/or your career,
- You are ready to break through limiting beliefs using Christian principles and neuroscience,
- You are ready to unlock your value and align your business with God's plan and purposes.

Our mission is to offer tools, resources, training and empowerment to help you to...

✔️Get mentally unstuck.
✔️Break out of barriers.
✔️Recover from burnout or breakdown.
✔️Get into alignment with your God-given calling.
✔️Unlock your fullest potential.
✔️Set yourself up for success.

We are here to support your mindset journey by helping you leverage mindset techniques, biblical principles and neuroscience to rewire your brain. 

Discover how to change old patterns and habits that no longer serve you, and develop resilience and curate confidence. Get rid of the junk in your trunk, the stinking thinking and the overwhelm; and finally step into WHO God made YOU to be!

The world needs YOU and God has planted the dream and desire within you, so let's get to work getting rid of the barriers holding you back from your blessings and break through!